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400/RXMD series panel mount pumps


400/RXMD pressure controlled low-flow pump

Purpose-designed for surgical cooling applications such as RF and microwave ablation.

400/RXMD series pumps is the definitive OEM peristaltic pump used in surgical ablation systems. It is designed to meet the needs of catheter, cannula or needle cooling applications. Minimizing the risk of human error, 400/RXMD safeguards your process by design. The ability to factory-set the pump means that the pressure/flow profile can be fine-tuned to the requirements of each application. We therefore test every pump to each customer's specific test protocol.

Motor options include a stepper motor, brushless DC motor and DriveSure.

Features and benefits

  • Deliver flows up to 500 ml/min at pressures exceeding 6 bar
  • Simple tube-set changeover with automated tube clamps and simple lever loading
  • Accurate and consistent fluid delivery through an innovative pump setting mechanism
  • Precision-machined for high performance and long service life
  • Customized end of line performance testing
  • Easy to see the pump running
  • Easy to clean

Technical summary

Motor typesDriveSure brushless DC motor, Stepper motor, Variable speed brushless DC motor 
Pumphead optionsRX, RXMD 
StandardsBS EN 61010-1, CAN/CSA C22.2 No 61010-1, CE, IEC 61010-1, RoHS, UL 61010-1 

Technical Summary table lists features available within the range. See ‘Technical specifications’ tab for model specific information.



400ST/RXMD and 400VDL/RXMD pumps

Electrical parameters
Standard Motor Min. power (W) Max. power (W) Current consumption
Brushless 24V 10W @ 2 bar ID 1.6mm 30W @ 4 bar ID 3.2 mm Max. 1250mA
Stepper 24V 60W @ 2 bar ID 1.6mm 60W @ 4 bar ID 3.2 mm Max. 2500mA

400DriveSure/RXMD pumps

Electrical parameters
Standard Motor Min. power (W) Max. power (W) Current consumption
DriveSure 15W @ 2 bar ID 1.6mm 25W @ 4 bar ID 3.2mm Continuous 1A, peak 3.1A


Technical specifications

Motor typesStepper motor Variable speed brushless DC motor DriveSure brushless DC motor 
Pumphead optionsRX, RXMD RX, RXMD RX, RXMD 
Min. operating speed1 rpm100 rpm8 rpm
Max. operating speed450 rpm550 rpm408 rpm
Supply voltage24 24 24 
Min. operating temperature5 °C5 °C5 °C
Min. operating temperature41 °F41 °F41 °F
Max. operating temperature40 °C40 °C40 °C
Max. operating temperature104 °F104 °F104 °F
Weight1.37 kg1.25 kg1.95 kg
Ingress ratingIP30 
StandardsBS EN 61010-1, CAN/CSA C22.2 No 61010-1, CE, IEC 61010-1, RoHS, UL 61010-1 
Compatible tubing bore size 1.6, 3.2 mm1.6, 3.2 mm1.6, 3.2 mm
Compatible tubing wall thickness 1.6 mm1.6 mm1.6 mm

400ST/RXMD and 400VDL/RXMD dimensions

400DVS/400RXMD dimensions

Materials of construction

Pumphead body assemblyAnodized aluminum
Pumphead rotor assemblyAnodized aluminum
Pumphead rotor assemblyAnodized aluminum, Stainless steel
Pumphead roller assemblyStainless steel
Pumphead roller assemblyStainless steel
Pumphead guardAcrylic glass
Pumphead trackAnodized aluminum
Pumphead trackAnodized aluminum
Drive shaftStainless steel
SpringsStainless steel

Information listed covers the complete range. For detailed specifications of individual models/components refer to user manual or contact WMFTG representative.

Order Information

Product codes

400ST/RXMD and 400VDL/RXMD pumps

Part number Product description
040.QW27.031 400VDL/RXMD CW 1.6mm 2 bar
040.QW27.032 400VDL/RXMD CW 1.6mm 4 bar
040.QW27.033 400VDL/RXMD CW 1.6mm 6 bar
040.QW27.011 400VDL/RXMD CCW 1.6mm 2 bar
040.QW27.012 400VDL/RXMD CCW 1.6mm 4 bar
040.QW27.013 400VDL/RXMD CCW 1.6mm 6 bar
040.QW27.034 400VDL/RXMD CW 3.2mm 2 bar
040.QW27.035 400VDL/RXMD CW 3.2mm 4 bar
040.QW27.014 400VDL/RXMD CCW 3.2mm 2 bar
040.QW27.015 400VDL/RXMD CCW 3.2mm 4 bar
040.RW27.031 400ST/RXMD CW 1.6mm 2 bar
040.RW27.032 400ST/RXMD CW 1.6mm 4 bar
040.RW27.033 400ST/RXMD CW 1.6mm 6 bar
040.RW27.011 400ST/RXMD CCW 1.6mm 2 bar
040.RW27.012 400ST/RXMD CCW 1.6mm 4 bar
040.RW27.013 400ST/RXMD CCW 1.6mm 6 bar
040.RW27.034 400ST/RXMD CW 3.2mm 2 bar
040.RW27.035 400ST/RXMD CW 3.2mm 4 bar
040.RW27.014 400ST/RXMD CCW 3.2mm 2 bar
040.RW27.015 400ST/RXMD CCW 3.2mm 4 bar

400DS/RXMD pumps

Part number Product description
040.TW27.031 400DS/RXMD CW 1.6mm 2 bar
040.TW27.032 400DS/RXMD CW 1.6mm 4 bar
040.TW27.033 400DS/RXMD CW 1.6mm 6 bar
040.TW27.011 400DS/RXMD CCW 1.6mm 2 bar
040.TW27.012 400DS/RXMD CCW 1.6mm 4 bar
040.TW27.013 400DS/RXMD CCW 1.6mm 6 bar
040.TW27.034 400DS/RXMD CW 3.2mm 2 bar
040.TW27.035 400DS/RXMD CW 3.2mm 4 bar
040.TW27.014 400DS/RXMD CCW 3.2mm 2 bar
040.TW27.015 400DS/RXMD CCW 3.2mm 4 bar

Tube ordering codes

Bore/wall Tygon E-LFL E3603 (PVC)
1.6mm/1.6mm E-LFL.0016.016 E3603.016.16
3.2mm/1.6mm E3603.032.16

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