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APEX hose pumps

The newly expanded range of APEX hose pumps is ideal for aggressive and abrasive applications up to 116 psi. With their seal-less, valve-less design, APEX pumps are engineered for a more competitive price/performance ratio vs high pressure hose pumps. Designed to suit all dosing, metering and transfer applications with unmatched flow stability from 2.8-6,200 L/h.

The APEX pump incorporates Bredel’s long proven direct-coupled technology, delivering the most reliable pump design in a compact footprint. While the APEX gearbox mounts directly to the pump housing, the APEX pump rotor is supported by its own sealed bearing hub, isolating and protecting the gearbox from integral forces.

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Features and benefits

  • Seal-less, valve-less design
  • Precision machined hose elements for accurate, repeatable performance
  • Optimized hose compression for unmatched flow stability
  • The hose element is the only component to wear and can be replaced in-situ quickly and easily in minutes
  • Direct-coupled drive and maximum flexibility - no separate couplings to align or maintain
  • Ultra compact design with flexibility to mount standard gear motors - rotor supported by own bearings to maximize gearbox life
  • Lower maintenance costs - single component change means fewer spare parts inventory

Technical summary

Max. flow rate continuous5310 L/h
Max. flow rate continuous1401 USGPH
Volume per revolution0.046 - 0.74 L
Max. continuous operating speed100 - 140 rpm
Max. operating pressure8 bar
Max. operating pressure116 psi
Operating temperature range-20 - 45 °C
Operating temperature range-4 - 113 °F
Min. starting torque48 - 230 N m
Min. starting torque425 - 2,040 in/lbs
Weight40 - 140 kg
Hose materialCSM, EPDM, F-NBR, NBR, NBR for food, NR 

Technical Summary table lists features available within the range. See ‘Technical specifications’ tab for model specific information.



APEX10, APEX15 and APEX 20

APEX28 and APEX35


Technical specifications

Max. flow rate continuous275 L/h550 L/h875 L/h3020 L/h5310 L/h
Max. flow rate continuous73 usgph145 usgph231 usgph797 usgph1401 usgph
Max. flow rate intermittent385 L/h770 L/h1225 L/h3450 L/h6200 L/h
Max. flow rate intermittent 102 usgph203 usgph323 usgph910 usgph1636 usgph
Volume per revolution0.046 L0.091 L0.145 L0.36 L0.74 L
Volume per revolution0.0122 usg0.024 usg0.038 usg0.095 usg0.195 usg
Max. continuous operating speed100 rpm100 rpm100 rpm140 rpm120 rpm
Max. intermittent operating speed140 rpm140 rpm140 rpm160 rpm140 rpm
Max. operating pressure8 bar8 bar8 bar8 bar8 bar
Max. operating pressure116 psi116 psi116 psi116 psi116 psi
Suction pressure0.05 bar abs0.05 bar abs0.05 bar abs0.05 bar abs0.05 bar abs
Suction pressure0.73 psi abs0.73 psi abs0.73 psi abs0.73 psi abs0.73 psi abs
Max. inlet pressure2 bar abs2 bar abs2 bar abs2.5 bar abs2.5 bar abs
Max. inlet pressure30 psia30 psia30 psia37 psia37 psia
Operating temperature range-20 - 45 °C-20 - 45 °C-20 - 45 °C-20 - 45 °C-20 - 45 °C
Operating temperature range-4 - 113 °F-4 - 113 °F-4 - 113 °F-4 - 113 °F-4 - 113 °F
Fluid temperature range-20 - 80 °C-20 - 80 °C-20 - 80 °C-20 - 80 °C-20 - 80 °C
Fluid temperature range-4 - 176 °F-4 - 176 °F-4 - 176 °F-4 - 176 °F-4 - 176 °F
Min. starting torque48 N m57 N m57 N m150 N m230 N m
Min. starting torque425 in/lbs505 in/lbs505 in/lbs1330 in/lbs2040 in/lbs
Weight40 kg40 kg40 kg100 kg140 kg
Weight88 lbs88 lbs88 lbs220 lbs309 lbs
Hose lubricant required1 L1 L1 L2 L4 L
Hose lubricant required0.26 usg0.26 usg0.26 usg0.53 usg1.05 usg
Port configurationsDown, Left, Right, Up Down, Left, Right, Up Down, Left, Right, Up Down, Left, Right, Up Down, Left, Right, Up 
Compatible hose materialsCSM, EPDM, F-NBR, NBR, NBR for food, NR CSM, EPDM, F-NBR, NBR, NBR for food, NR CSM, EPDM, F-NBR, NBR, NBR for food, NR EPDM, NBR, NBR for food, NR EPDM, NBR, NBR for food, NR 

APEX10, APEX15 and APEX20 - Dimensions

  A A1 B E H2max Lmax L2max
APEX10 (mm) 388.5 374.5 197.5 Ø16 170 545.5 401
APEX10 (inches) 15.3 17.7 7.8 1/2" NPT 6.7 18.7 14.5
APEX15/20 (mm) 394.5 380.5 197.5 Ø20 170 545.5 401
APEX15/20 (inches) 15.5 15 7.8 3/4" NPT 6.7 18.7 14.5
Connector sizes MNPT EN DIN JIS
APEX10 0.5" 10mm 10mm
APEX15 0.75" 20mm 20mm
APEX20 0.75" 20mm 20mm

APEX28 and APEX35 - Dimensions

  A B C D E F G H H1 H2max J K Lmax L1 L2max M N O ØP
APEX28 (mm) 481 297 2.5 264 98 338 370 415 221 359 124 82.5 714 63 528 152 121 27 12
APEX28 (inch) 18.9 11.7 0.1 10.4 3.9 13.3 14.6 16.3 8.7 14.1 4.9 3.2 28.1 2.5 20.8 6.0 4.8 1.1 0.5
APEX35 (mm) 557 335 2.5 330 100 406 442 490 255 373 126 95 734 66 528 140 140 30 12
APEX35 (inch) 21.9 13.2 0.1 13.0 3.9 16.0 17.4 19.3 10.0 14.7 5.0 3.7 28.9 2.6 20.8 5.5 5.5 1.2 0.5
Connector sizes ASME B16.5, 150# (ANSI) EN 1092-1, PN40 (DIN) JIS B2220, 10/16/20 kgf/cm2
APEX28 DN 1" DN 25 25mm
APEX35 DN 1.5" DN 32 32mm

Materials of construction

Hose materialCSM, EPDM, F-NBR, NBR, NBR for food, NR
HousingCast iron, Die-cast aluminum (RAL 3011)
Rotor assemblyCast iron, Die-cast aluminum
Cover assemblyDie-cast aluminum, EPDM, PMMA
Brackets and fastenersCast iron, Galvanized steel, Stainless steel 316
Support frameGalvanized steel, Stainless steel 316
Hose clampsStainless steel 316
Coupling brushAlloy steel

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