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End of life and recycling

WEEE Regulations

Watson-Marlow have no obligations under the WEEE Regulations arising from Directive 2002/96/EC of the European parliament or of the council of January 27th, 2003 because peristaltic pumps are not included in the scope of the Directive.

However, we take end-of-life issues seriously, the majority of our pumps are RoHS compliant and we provide information to recyclers.

Watson-Marlow pumps are not included in the scope of the WEEE Directive and are consequently not affected by RoHS. However, we strongly believe that the substances referred to within the WEEE Directive should not be used.

All Watson-Marlow pumpheads are, therefore, fully compliant. Some cased drives are reliant on certain components which are not available in RoHS compliant versions. As soon as these become available, all cased drives will be made compliant. For all other products, refer to our Applications Engineering Department.


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