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OEM Controllers


OEM Controllers

MC12 Master controller capable of controlling up to 16 peristaltic fillers. Utilizing functional and user-friendly software, with a choice of four languages, the MC12 communicates through an easy-to-read LCD-display. The system can be connected to a printer for logging of production data.

The MC100 controller enables machine manufacturers to control Flexicon fillers directly from their own PLC/HMI. MC100 is a pump control module capable of controlling up to 16 Watson-Marlow Flexicon Pumps. As MC100 is designed with the purpose of incorporating a Watson-Marlow Flexicon filling system into a filling Line, MC100 has no operator interface. Therefore, an operator cannot start or stop the connected pumps, nor set the recipes or display actual parameters on a MC100.

The MC12P is the heart of Flexicon's multi filling system and can simultaneously control up to sixteen individual Flexicon filling units. Utilizing functional and user-friendly software, with a choice of four languages, the MC12 communicates through an easy-to-read LCD-display. The system can be connected to a printer for logging of production data. With no difficult corners or angles, the MC12 is remarkably easy to clean. The MC12P is recognized as very reliable and value adding solution by filling machine manufacturers worldwide.

Features and benefits

  • Communicates with PLC/HMI via industrial field bus (for example Profibus)
  • Allows adjustment of filling parameters or programs via an existing PLC / HMI
  • Allows data collection from all processes/functions on the entire filling line
  • Filling weight signals for automatic recalibration of individual fillers can be received via existing PLC
  • Controls up to sixteen filling units (all versions of PD12 and PD22)
  • Filling in parallel, serial or individual mode is standard
  • Programmed according to GAMP

Technical summary

Ingress ratingIP30, IP31, NEMA 1 
Power supply110/230 VAC, 24 VDC, 50/60 Hz 

Technical Summary table lists features available within the range. See ‘Technical specifications’ tab for model specific information.


Technical specifications

Ingress ratingIP30, NEMA 1 IP31 IP31 
Operating temperature range10 - 40 °C
Operating temperature range50 - 104 °F
Power supply24 VDC 110/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz 110/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz 
Power consumptionMax 50 W Max 50 W 
InterfaceRS-485 multi-drop 2 x RS-232 fully duplex Bauds: 300-1200-2400-9600 7 or 8 data bits Even or odd parity 1 or 2 bits 2 x (5-50 VDC) inputs for start and stop 2 x relay outputs for status 
Weight0.5 kg5 kg4 kg
Weight1 lbs11 lbs
Fuse rating1 amps
AccessoriesPrinter, balances, foot switch, electrical bottom-up fill system Printer, balances 

Dimensions - MC100

Dimensions - MC12

Dimensions - MC12P

Materials of construction

CaseworkAnodized aluminum



  1. MC12P controller (EN).pdf
    PDF - 605.7kb
  2. MC100 controller (EN).pdf
    PDF - 278.9kb
  3. MC12 controller (EN).pdf
    PDF - 588.6kb


  1. MC100 datasheet.pdf
    PDF - 278.9kb
  2. MC12 datasheet.pdf
    PDF - 588.6kb
  3. MC12P datasheet.pdf
    PDF - 605.7kb


  1. Flexicon MC12 manual (EN).pdf
    PDF - 889.2kb
  2. Flexicon MC100 profibus (EN).pdf
    PDF - 475.5kb
  3. Flexicon MC100 devicenet (EN).pdf
    PDF - 631.9kb

Five year warranty

Total confidence in reliability backed with a 5 year warranty

Demonstrating total confidence in product reliability and commitment to customer satisfaction our tabletop fillers carry 5 year warranty.

The extended warranty is valid for these units:

  • PF7
  • PF22
  • PD12I
  • PD22I
  • PD12IDH
  • MC12

For further information on warranty on products from Watson-Marlow Flexicon, please contact your local sales office for a copy of our General Terms of Sale and Delivery.

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