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More than 400 pumps minimize downtime and chemical use at a Brazilian water treatment plant

More than 400 pumps minimise downtime and chemical use at a Brazilian water treatment plant

One of Brazil’s state-owned water and waste treatment companies is engaged in the supply and treatment of water, and the collection and treatment of sewerage.

  • Qdos chemical metering pumps replaced progressive cavity pumps
  • Bredel and APEX hose pumps replaced diaphragm pumps to transfer abrasive chemicals including aluminium sulphate and ferric chloride
  • The site now benefits from simple pump installation without ancillaries

As with all water and wastewater treatment facilities, the Brazilian sites employ many different pump types in their chemical metering and transfer applications. Progressive cavity (PC) pumps featured extensively in clean water treatment but were proving problematic, causing repetitive downtime due to abrasive wear, as well as low levels of accuracy, leaks and high costs in terms of pump maintenance and wasted chemicals.

  • PC pumps were suffering off-gassing and encrustation problems in fluoridation, disinfection, pH adjustment and pre-oxidation stages of potable water treatment.

The installation of multiple Qdos chemical metering pumps for handling chlorine, permanganate, hypochlorite and fluosilicic acid has prevented off-gassing and crystallisation issues, so significantly reducing downtime at the water treatment plant.

Further savings include simple pump installation without ancillaries such as back-pressure valves, pulsation dampeners, degassing valves, foot valves, strainers and float switches. Qdos is self-priming and self-draining to keep operators safe during maintenance and operation.

  • Higher flow hose pumps employed to transfer aluminium sulphate, ferric chloride, sodium carbonate, polymers and lime

The simplicity of pump installation and operation is transferred to high capacity fluid handling at the wastewater treatment plant too. Bredel hose pumps are now used to transfer abrasive and viscous chemicals which had caused frequent wear problems and clogging in the diaphragm pumps previously employed for their transfer.

"Specially formulated hose materials such as NR Endurance can double the service life of Bredel pumps in abrasive fluid applications such as this."

APEX hose pump

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