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Bredel hose pump accessories

Hose pump accessories


Bredel have a range of accessories including the vacuum assist option for use with high viscosity fluids and the revolution sensor for monitoring your pump.

  • Enhance your hose pump operation
  • Protect your process line
  • Maximize hose life
  • Precisely monitor pump speed

Discharge Pulsation Dampener

Fitting a pulsation dampener in the discharge line eliminates up to 90% of discharge pulsations, protecting the pump, pipeline and instrumentation and reducing vibration, hammer and noise.

Inlet Pulse Accumulator (IPA)

When installed on the suction side, an IPA reduces positive and negative spikes when inlet conditions vary. This results in quieter operation and maximized hose life.

High Level Sensor

When connected to a motor controller, the high level sensor can trigger a pump shutdown in the event of a hose element failure.

Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)

An integrated frequency inverter, with variable speed control, for use where pump capacity must be flexible or the process needs to be set.

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