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Bredel hose pump elements

The hose is the key

The machined hose is the single most vital component for the performance, durability, and efficiency of the hose pump. To ensure perfect compression and consistent, reliable performance, Bredel manufactures hoses from high quality compounded rubbers, reinforced with four individual layers of braided nylon and finished by high precision machining. Perfect compression eliminates slip which, in other pumps, can destroy shear sensitive product, reduce metering accuracy, or allow abrasive slurries to wreak havoc on wet parts. Bredel engineers hoses to meet the flow, pressure and temperature characteristics of your toughest applications.

Hose construction

The essential component of high-performance hose pumps is a hose that is constructed of layers of rubber reinforced by winding several layers of nylon cords. The inner and outer layers are extruded. The inner layer is available in a range of rubber compounds. After the hose is constructed, it is then machined. Machining is the final step in hose manufacture and is critical to insure that exact tolerances are held.

Designed to perfection

Bredel is on the cutting edge of technology to engineer, manufacture and test our pumps.


As the global leader in hose pumps, we pride ourselves on new ideas and innovative products that bring the benefits of hose pumps to our customers in an ever expanding range of applications. For example, retractable pressing shoes bring ultimate clean-in-place capability.


Using tools like finite element analysis (FEA), we design our hoses to perfection – right down to the position of the reinforcing layers, angles and thickness of the cord reinforcement, and the thickness of the rubber. Everything from the geometry of the pressing shoe to the pump housing is engineered to optimize the performance of the hose.


Unique in the world, Bredel’s state of the art automated hose grinding facility machines every hose within fine tolerances – guaranteeing proper compression for efficiency and longevity. At our ISO9001:2000 factory, each pump and hose is constructed to the most rigorous quality controls standards.

Precision hose ensure

  • Tight tolerances for low stress on bearings
  • Perfect compression for long life
  • Consistent capacity independent of varying suction and discharge conditions

Hose elements

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