Hose material immersion sample packs

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Optimised pump life and efficiency depends on selecting the correct hose material in tough fluid-handling applications. Matching the peristaltic hose material to the pumped fluid can reduce downtime, cut production costs and save energy in pumping operations that involve viscous and abrasive fluids.

Bredel hose sample packs carry complete hose material data, including temperature resistance, as well as instructions for immersion tests.

Hose options

  • NR and NR Endurance Outstanding abrasion resistance. Generally resistant to diluted acids and alcohols. Max. fluid temp 176F Min. fluid temp -4F
  • BUNA N (NBR) Resistant to oils, greases, alkalis and detergents. Max. fluid temp 176F Min. fluid temp 14F
  • EPDM Excellent chemical resistance, especially to ketones, alcohols and concentrated acids. Max. fluid temp 194F Min. fluid temp 14F
  • CSM Outstanding chemical resistance to highly concentrated acids and bases. Max. fluid temp 176F Min. fluid temp 14F
  • F-NBR Suitable for all food products including oils and greases. Meets FDA, EC and 3A standards. Max. fluid temp 176F Min. fluid temp 14F


Hose material immersion sample pack

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