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Comparative testing of single-use pump technologies used in downstream processing - white paper

A white paper written by independent consultant, PDS Sandbox LLC, is now available

After comprehensively reviewing the capabilities and performance of the Quantum bioprocessing pump compared to quaternary diaphragm pumps and magnetic drive centrifugal pumps, PDS Sandbox wrote a comprehensive white paper reporting the results.

PDS Sandbox found that:

Quantum successfully addresses many of the limitations seen in single-use biotech pumps and is an excellent choice for a range of applications including:

  • Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF) including Ultrafiltration and Microfiltration
  • Depth Filtration 
  • Viral Filtration (VF)
  • Chromatography 
  • Metering Pump Applications at High Pressure 
  • Perfusion Operations 
  • Centrifugation Operations

Quantum 600 peristaltic single-use pump demonstrates an excellent level of precision across a full range of pressures, with low shear that is approximately 50% lower than quaternary diaphragm pumps.

Quantum single-use pump

Quantum has minimal impact on CHO suspension cell cultures, comparable to magnetic drive centrifugal pumps but without the limitations of a strong pressure/flow dependency.

Quantum is recommended by PDS Sandbox to be used for the delivery of target volumes, in many cases without the need for secondary checks (load cells, scales, flow meters).


Download PDS Sandbox white paper

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