Transfer and metering of crystalizing product

Watson-Marlow 840A fully integrated biopharmaceutical company in San Francisco, CA that focuses on new research and development in neurological diseases was using a rotary lobe pump to transfer their proprietary product.

However, the rotary lobe pump was failing due to product crystallizing in the pump seal, which caused the seal to fail. The biopharm company needed a better way to handle their research so they went looking for an alternative.

The Watson-Marlow 840 pump was the ideal solution to transfer and meter products that can crystallize. Like all Watson-Marlow pumps, the product is contained inside a hose, which eliminates the high maintenance cost and potential product contamination associated with seal failure. The only maintenance is a quick change of the hose that can be easily replaced in a few minutes without having to disassemble the pump.

The biopharmaceutical company is thrilled with the cost savings and the elimination of possible contamination of the costly product.

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