Treatment plant uses 520 range to pump sodium hypochlorite

520 pump in sodium hypochlorite applicationA water treatment plant in St. Louis, MO was going through a major plant upgrade and needed new pumps for their sodium hypochlorite application. At first they purchased a competitor peristaltic pump for the application. Upon start up the competitor peristaltic pumps could not achieve a low enough feed rate which ultimately resulted in a serious backflow problem. The plant engineer tried a smaller tube size to limit the flow but the pumps were not able to seal the smaller tubing with their roller mechanism, resulting in slip, and poor metering performance.

The plant was given a Watson-Marlow 520 range tube pump as a demo and it worked flawlessly. The plant then began inquiring about replacing their pumps with Watson-Marlow pumps, which led to an order for four 500 series tube pumps.

Due to the large seasonal fluctuations in chemical feed rates, the plant was now running the hypochlorite pumps close to maximum RPM. However, with the million: 1 flow range capability of the Watson-Marlow 520 range tube pump, we were able to supply a larger tube size and drop the RPM by about one-third.

As an added benefit, the plant engineers were extremely pleased at how smoothly the Watson-Marlow pumps were able to run. The original pumps had been bolted down to the shelves; however the Watson-Marlow pumps were just placed in the exact same spot without the need of anchor bolts.


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