Flavour dispensing pump replaces manual prcoess

Flavour dispensing in cookie manufactureA well-known cookie manufacturer in Atlanta, GA was looking for a pumping solution for their flavoring application. Previously, the process of dispensing flavoring had been done through a time consuming manual dipping and weighing process. The company was looking for a pump that would automate this process.

They tried several different dispensing pumps, including a Watson-Marlow peristaltic pump, on their vanilla flavoring process. Due to it’s dispense accuracy and repeatability, the Watson-Marlow 600 series dispensing pump proved superior to competing dispensing pumps

The manufacture installed five units for flavor dispensing, dosing caramel annatto, oleo turmeric, artificial lemon flavoring, vanilla extracts, liquid xylanase and tomato flavoring. Both Marprene and silicone tubing were provided for compatibility and long life. The pumps are placed on a cart under the flavoring tank. Watson-Marlow also created a specially-designed control box which provides a contact closure signal back to the PLC when the dose cycle has been completed. This improved automation removed the need for operator supervision of the flavoring addition process. An additional feature of the 620Di, its IP55 enclosure, proved to be important not only for washdown, but also because the area in which these pumps are located is subject to a high level of flour and dust in the air that could invade the internal components of a less well protected pump.


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