Lower operating speeds give increased hose life

Bredel SPX hose pumpA ham manufacturer in Middlesboro, KY needed to find a appropriate pump for their new WWTP design. The pump needed to be appropriate to pump the floatables from a Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF).

The design engineers first considered progressing cavity (PC) pumps in this application, though based on previous experience with wearing rotors, stators and universal joints, they opted for peristaltic hose pumps. The engineers then compared Bredel hose pumps with those of another manufacturer of peristaltic pumps. Though both hoses have similar internal diameters, the ‘pitch diameter’ or radius of the Bredel pumphead is significantly larger than that of the other company’s which results in operating speeds of less than half that of our competitors for the similar hose diameter. This will increase hose life by more than twofold.

The company decided to purchase four Bredel hose pumps, two Bredel 80's and two Bredel 40’s. 

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