Solution for mixing high viscosity pharmaceuticals

MasoSine at AeropakThree MasoSine pumps handle leading brand products at Aeropak

The challenge

Aeropak (Chemical Products) Ltd, a subsidiary of Diomed Developments, is responsible for several leading brand OTC and prescription medicines such as Doublebase emollient gel and verruca treatment, Bazuka. To help facilitate an increase in throughput, Aeropak wanted to improve its manufacturing processes to best practice standards.

The solution

The company installed three MasoSine pumps – SPS2, SPS2.5 and MR130 models – which are used primarily to help re-circulate bulk product in mixing vessels through homogenisers. This is an essential process to ensure quality as products such as Doublebase are thick-shear sensitive and effective mixing is critical to performance. The pumps are also used to transfer product from the mixing vessels into bulk storage containers. Aeropak says it was the gentle, low shear product handling capability of the pumps that underpinned the decision to purchase.

The outcome

The viscosity of products such as Doublebase is proving no problem for the MasoSine pumps. Economical, in-line maintenance and cleaning is also achieved easily. When changing product, pump stripping, cleaning, testing and re-assembly is both quick and straightforward. To improve the handling of a number of its other products, Aeropak is now considering the adoption of peristaltic pump technology.

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