Rapid dosing with doubled flow rates

Pumpsil silicone tubingThe Centre for Applied Microbiology and Research (CAMR), is using Watson-Marlow 505Di/L microprocessor controlled dispensing pumps in three of its manufacturing suites. The pumps, installed in CAMR's recently refurbished production facility, are used in the manufacture of the anthrax vaccine and carry out different processes in each of the three suites.

The active ingredient of the anthrax vaccine is a sterile filtered, alum precipitated antigen which is presented as a suspension for injection. In the support suite, one of the Watson-Marlow pumps is fitted with an extension pumphead, to double the flow for rapid dosing of growth media into petri dishes - the process takes just six seconds.

The 505Di in the manufacturing suite uses the pumps exceptionally low pulse flows for inoculating the growth media. A similar pump dispenses aliquots of product in the aseptic suite, it is vital that any equipment carrying out this process is highly accurate because the quantity of vaccine must not fluctuate more than +/-0.2%.

The pumps use autoclavable Marprene or platinum-cured Silicone tubing elements to contain the media, and the complete dispensing process is aseptic and totally non-contacting.



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