Sterile dispensing in contamination control

620 dispensing pumpShield Medicare manufactures contamination control products for customers in the healthcare sector and has trebled its output to over 1,000 litres per day in each of its three cleanrooms with the help of two Watson-Marlow peristaltic pumps. The 624Di pumps dispense sterilising agent into one litre 'spray bottles'. The accuracy of the dosage of isopropyl alcohol in the sterilising agent is vital because hospitals, clinics and pharmaceutical companies require a solution that is aseptic by +/-1% accuracy.

Andrew Richards, production manager at Shield Medicare, says: "We tested the Watson-Marlow pumps and STA-PURE tubing and the results have been amazing. We've saved a lot of time and money in reduced maintenance and spare parts.

"The STA-PURE tubing has lasted 14 months which is remarkable when considering the nature of the product and the volumes that the tube has been handling on a daily basis. As our business grows we're looking at other applications that could benefit from using peristaltic pumps."

The pumps run five hours a day, five days a week pumping over 15,000 litres of sterilising agent a week.

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