Peristaltic process pumps for biopharmaceutical

  • Maintain optimum product integrity – only the tube contacts the fluid providing provide accuracy, reliability and purity for all your fluid handling needs

  • Maintaining product integrity with low shear pumping and no moving parts in the fluid path

  • Maintaining quality and protecting product integrity by reducing the risk and time for batch/product changeover at every stage of manufacture

  • Providing flow accuracy, ensuring process stability, cGMP compliance and final product quality

 Peristaltic pumps play an increasingly important role in the biopharm industry, where they are used for handling valuable and delicate fluids without contamination. Balancing durability and accuracy, Watson-Marlow's 530, 630 and 730 peristaltic pumps bring new levels of security and control throughout upstream and downstream bioprocessing tasks.

In eliminating costly cleaning regimes, the new pumps are a perfect fit for single-use bioprocessing applications, cGMP compliance and final product quality is assured

Drive and pumphead options

The versatile of 530, 630 and 730 ranges of process pumps offer four drive options, enabling users to choose from straightforward manual operation to fully automated control, including the ability to link up to 16 pumps and provide real-time communication.

The pump delivers flow rates from 0.0001 ml/min to 33 litre/min. 530, 630 and 730 pumps can be fitted with either continuous tubing pumpheads, or with tube elements pumpheads for pressures up to 7 bar in the 530 range, 4 bar in the 630 range and 2 bar in the 730 range.

530, 630 and 730 pumps support full integration with other equipment such as bioreactors. While IP31 and IP66 protection makes it suitable for benchtop or rugged wash-down

Superior tubing

Watson-Marlow tubing is designed to meet the stringent requirements of single-use bioprocesses: Namely high purity and validation. For accurate metering or dispensing, and for long life, tubing must be made with tightly controlled formulations and dimensions. Biopharm users can be assured of consistency and contamination-free fluid transfer using USP Class VI validated contact materials. In total, seven tubing materials are available for selection.

Error-free tube loading

Depending on the users process needs, the process pumps can feature LoadSure tube elements, which fit into position for simple, error-free tube loading. The tube elements can be changed in less than one minute without the need for special skills.

Sanitary process pumps

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