Water treatment plant lime application

Bredel SPX hose pumpA water treatment plant located in Salina, KS was using a gravity flow lime slurry system that couldn't keep up with the increasing demand for lime in their process.

Pumping lime slurry is a big maintenance concern for most treatment plants, especially when they are being handled with rotary lobe, progressive cavity or centrifugal pumps. Excessive wear on rotors, stators and impellers and seal failures, combined with prolonged work stoppages are just some examples of the costly problems experienced with these types of pumps.

The plant turned to Bredel hose pumps because the pumps require minimal maintenance. The pump's simple design provides smooth liquid passage without valves, dead corners or glands to impede flow or cleaning. This is critical for lime slurry pumping, as it tends to build up and clog other positive displacement pumps. The only wearing part, the hose, can be replaced easily in less than an hour without disassembling the pump.

When updating the original design, the consultants decided to use two Bredel 40 peristaltic pumps. Demands have increased since the pumps have been installed and they both operate full time, causing the plant to purchase a third backup pump. 

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