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Improving quality, lowering costs and reducing waste in your beer production process

Brewing process diagram

Brewing beer is a complex, multi-stage process that requires robust, reliable and sustainable processing solutions. The brewing process involves the use of viscous, abrasive and shear-sensitive raw materials which can be difficult to handle. Top brand beers require dependable fluid handling equipment to maintain their consistent high quality whilst all the time striving for production efficiency.

The efficiency of your brewing process is achieved through increased uptime and reduced costs. Our products can help to

The highly competitive nature of the beverage market is subject to an increasing number of strict regulations necessitating compliance to hygiene and energy-efficiency standards.

At Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group, we rigorously test our complete product range—and audit our supply chain—to ensure a secure supply of products that meet the most up to date regulatory frameworks. Backed by a global network of specialist engineers and technical support team, we partner with you to simplify the design and engineering processes at your facility.

Beer production process

A brewing process typically begins with barley, which is used to produce the wort via malting, mashing and lautering stages. Once the wort is prepared, it is boiled with hops and other key ingredients depending on the specific brew before whirlpooling removes unwanted solids.

Once cooled, the wort enters the crucial fermentation stage where yeast is added (pitched) to start the process of turning sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide, both of which must be precisely controlled to produce a high quality and consistent beer.

The fermented beer is then matured in conditioning tanks until the desired characteristics, such as flavour and aroma are achieved. Finally the brew is filtered and packaged (bottled, canned, kegged etc.). The basic process is essentially the same whether the brewer is a small craft brewery or a large industrial scale beer producer.

Quality processing equipment and specialist support

Whether carefully handling yeast, accurately dosing additives, pumping abrasive diatomaceous earth or metering water treatment chemicals, Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group can offer a pumping solution to optimise all stages of your brewing process.

Our innovative range of peristaltic and sinusoidal pumps ensure that the product is transferred or dosed accurately and hygienically without damage, offering the following benefits to brewers.

In addition to brewery process pumps, Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group offer other specialist fluid handling products such as the Aflex range of PTFE-lined hose assemblies which are ideal for the brewing industry.

Our diverse product range is backed by a global network of specialist engineers who can provide fluid management solutions to your process.

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